2007_02_belichick.jpgNot only has New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick won the Super Bowl three times, he's also smart enough to invest in some Park Slope real estate. The "Mad Genius" (okay, only when he's playing against Jets coach Eric "Man Genius" Mangini) bought a $2.2 million townhouse on Sixth Street and is allegedly renting it out to his mistress. And by rent, we mean, Sharon Shenocca says she's renting it, but it's unclear whether he's charging her anything at all.

Shenocca is in the middle of divorce proceedings, which have revealed that Belichick has sent Shenocca $3,000 cash every month for 18 months. The Post also reported that the mastermind Pats coach "paid for her $25,000 Jersey Shore summer rental in Lavallette and showered her with gifts, including a private jet to Disney World and a Fast Pass credit card to pay for gasoline."

Belichick and Shenocca met when he was the defensive coordinator for the NY Giants in the 1980s. (She was probably really upset when he didn't take the Jets head coaching job, too.) Hilariously, when questioned about the Park Slope townhouse, she said the landlord was "B.R. Realty Trust." Then she said Belichick owned it. And the Post says the "B" stands for Belichick and the "R" stand for Radigan - Shenocca's maiden name. Wow, under that big, ugly hoody sweatshirt, Belichick seems to have a mushy heart! AFC Rivals, take note!