2007_02_bar.jpgThe City Council's Public Safety Committee is discussing a number of new proposals to crack down on nightlife problems. The NY Sun reports that one of them would allow the city to shut down businesses like shops and bar "if more than one person is killed within a year." Another would allow the city to shut down fake ID businesses - including their legal fronts.

Assistant Police Commissioner Robert Messner says that public nuisance laws need to be strengthened so authorities can close down troublesome clubs. Apparently there are loopholes that could (though the loophole never has) prevent closings when there no violent felonies.

The NY Nightlife Association says that the public nuisance law is "being abused." Spokesman Robert Bookman tells the Sun, "We think the use of violations rather than convictions is a major problem. You've got to deal with convictions." In other words, arrests that do not lead to convictions would lead to a bar's closing.

Photograph of a bar by dcshaub on Filckr