Choire Sicha

If you're ever sucked into a vortex of court proceedings because your boss may or may not have been helping a lifestyle doyenne get out on a stock deal early, know that there may be hope for your post-court professional life yet: The Daily News' Rush & Molloy report that former stockbroker's assistant Douglas Faneuil, pivotal in the Martha Stewart fraud case, has been working at Debs & Co. gallery, which is co-owned by Choire Sicha...who edits Gawker! Rush & Molloy point out that Gawker hasn't mentioned anything about Fanueil's new employ; Gothamist can only surmise that Choire neglected to mention the blurb because he realized most of us would have poked out our eyeballs after reading how Elton John wants to marry his boyfriend (the first item - hey, Gothamist thinks gay marriage is great, but Elton and David are really boring) and therefore would have ignored the rest of the column. Clever, Choire, but enquiring minds do want to know! And it's so good to know where we can go after being charged with a misdemeanor.

The Joy Episalla exhibition at Debs & Co. does look good; it runs until April 3rd. And this is not Choire's only connection with the Martha Stewart case - he previously raised prosecutors' ire when he divulged the jurors' questionnaire. Full coverage of the Martha Stewart case from Court TV. Evil court room sketch artists at the trial (Gothamist and Tale of Two Cities).