The New England Patriots have officially signed former Jets, uh, wild-cat player Tim Tebow. According to ESPN, "Tebow signed a two-year contract that includes no guaranteed money."

Of course, this means that the Patriots' evil genius Bill Belichick has found a low-cost way to tweak the Jets, who have faltered the past few seasons. The Post's Steve Serby writes:

Of course it is Bill Belichick who throws Tim Tebow a life raft back to the NFL now, the one man and maybe the only man who is capable of fitting a square peg into a round hole. The one man and maybe the only man capable of keeping Tebowmania from turning Robert Kraft’s three-ring franchise into a three-ring circus.

And you just know Belichick, with the help of offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels, who drafted Tebow in the first round in Denver, would love nothing better than to kick the Jets while they’re down should he somehow orchestrate The Resurrection.

The Daily News adds, "The Patriots always seemed a logical fit for Tebow because of Belichick’s ability to use his players’ versatility coupled with the fact that Belichick and QB Tom Brady are both secure in their roles. He’ll also be reunited with the man who drafted him, Josh McDaniels, the former Broncos head coach who is now the Pats’ offensive coordinator and QB coach." The Boston Herald is pretty upbeat, "The Pats don’t have much riding on the line. So it will hardly be a disaster if Tebow amounts to nothing."

It should be pretty good when the Jets have to go to Foxboro on September 12. As Deadspin's Drew Magary put it, "I was close, Bill Belichick. I was thissss close to spending an entire NFL season free of Tebowmania, or Tebow Time, or whatever fucking brand stamp ESPN decides to put on all its coverage of the Jesusback... BUT YOU HAD TO GO AND FUCK IT ALL UP."

Anyway, here are Tebow's top eight moments as a Jet.