A Queens spa owner was charged with second-degree assault, unlawfully practicing medicine and first-degree reckless endangerment for performing "butt enhancement" surgery. Barbara Nieto, owner of Perfect Image Stethics in Corona, performed the surgery on Augusta Velez. According to Queens DA Richard A. Brown [PDF], Nieto removed fat from Velez's stomach and re-injected it into her buttocks, and allegedly injected her with a pain relieving substance.

A few days later, Velez allegedly began to feel weak and feverish, and went to the hospital. She was diagnosed with a "bilateral buttock abscesses," an infection which could have lead to death without surgery. Nieto faces up to seven years in prison if convicted of practicing without a license. Brown said, "Her alleged conduct was both dangerous and reprehensible because it exploited the vanity of an individual seeking a more attractive appearance at a reasonable cost and caused her victim to suffer permanent scarring - both physically and emotionally.”

According to the Daily News, Nieto was sued before in 2007 by a woman claiming her butt augmentation surgery gave her disabling injuries. The bubble butt trend has been getting pretty dangerous recently. Just last month a Jersey man operating out of hotel rooms was caught injecting women's rears with such substances as petroleum jelly and caulk... Your move, commenters.