"Don't bring expensive jewelry while giving birth" might be one lesson of this story from the Post: "An Upper West Side mom and Citigroup exec is suing to get back the baubles she left at Mount Sinai Medical Center's maternity ward. Alison Coen Searcy's suit accuses Marie Pugh, a since-fired nurse's aide, of grabbing $50,000 worth of bling on March 5, two days after Searcy's son was born." Searcy claims she left her "$22,000 diamond engagement ring, $8,800 wedding ring, $4,000 Cartier watch and $3,500 diamond ring on a windowsill before showering"—apparently Pugh was "allegedly captured on videotape entering the room about 15 minutes after the Searcys left." Coen Searcy wants the jewels or the money to cover them.