The city has a website where homeowners can apply for help removing downed trees, tree limbs or tree stumps from the September 16 tornados, "Please be patient with your request, as Parks crews will be working first to clear streets so that emergency vehicles can get through, then removing trees fallen on or leaning on houses." Apparently the city has received 8,000 calls about tree damage—it's believed 2,000 trees were killed.

Some residents, especially those in Queens, where the damage was the most intense, are warning people not to park cars under dangling tree limbs (to avoid their vehicles looking like this). The city also says it will pay to repair sidewalks, which were torn up as trees were downed, but that's also going to require home- and business owners' patience, too.

However, we don't have to worry about NYC being twister central: Accuweather tells the Daily News that the double tornados were "more of a coincidence than anything else."