You know what is great about snowstorms that haven't been plowed yet? All of that white and brown and yellow and black powder makes it impossible to see those pesky bike lanes that have gotten folks in such a twist. But that doesn't mean that fans of two-wheel locomotion aren't sticking to their preferred modes of transport. Snowbiking: so hot right now.

While in the past 24-hours we've only seen a few delivery guys working their way through the mess on their bikes—and having a hard time of it too, most of them were walking their vehicles—there are other bikers out there. Just check out this biker POV shot heading east across Chrystie Street last night:

There's another one here, too.

All of which makes us almost think pulling out our mountain bike and going for a spin this afternoon might be fun. Almost. Anybody have any suggestions on biking in the snow?