Santiago Calatrava's design for the PATH hub at the World Trade Center has been modified to meet security concerns. The base has been reinforced with more steel beams and some of the glass in the buliding's "wings" has been eliminated/ The Port Authority approved the design, which will cost over $2.2 billion. Groundbreaking for the stunning building will be on September 6, and the hub is supposed to open in 2009. Calatrava's design has been a rare, welcome critical success downtown; see more pictures of it here. It's also been a much easier design process than the Freedom Tower, probably because the structure is smaller and only has the Port Authority deciding on plans, versus a number of committees.

The NY Times has a story about Calatrava proposing to place a tattered flag from September 11 in the terminal; it turns out he had been thinking about putting a Jasper Johns flag painting in the space at first.