The latest round of campaign finance numbers do not look good for Governor Paterson. In the first half of this year, Paterson has raised $2.3 million—less than half of what has been banked by Andrew Cuomo, who denies that he even has any plans to run next year. Cuomo has raised $5.1 million over the same span and $10.1 million total to Paterson's $5.4M. Potential attorney general opponents must be shaking in their boots! In an attempt to spin the numbers as less embarrassing for the incumbent governor, a source connected to governor cited his being stuck in Albany during the Senate crisis as costing him over $1 million in events he could not attend while on Gang of Four babysitting duty. But Camp Paterson sees big things in his future—namely, hosting an event for Democratic governors in Saratoga next month. The source told Politicker, "It helps his street cred." Because nothing says street like a formal affair in Saratoga Springs, New York.