Yesterday, the Post revealed that the "only living thing with any bite in Albany" is Governor Paterson's Maltese dog, Cheerio—because the 6-pound pup (picture here) bit the calf of state carpenter Thomas Keyser who was at the Governor's Mansion in Albany. Keyser was there to replace a stair rail and said he had to "repeatedly shake his leg up in the air because the goddamn dog wouldn't let go... I know plenty of these guys who got bit, and if they can't put this dog in a cage, I can't understand it." The Post says two other workers were bitten, leading its commenters to suggest, "How about turning Cheerio loose in the NYS SENATE??? At least those slugs would have to MOVE!" The NY Times investigates Cheerio's behavior: "He has sunk his teeth into a state trooper and run in furious circles around senior legislative staff members, barking at them scoldingly... Cheerio’s tendency to occasionally chomp on the help so concerns Mr. Paterson that he said...he will bring a dog trainer to the executive mansion next week to put Cheerio through obedience training." Cheerio is really First Lady Michelle Paige Paterson's pet; Paterson says his relationship with the dog is "strained."