Governor David Paterson is beginning to feel anxious about life without the snazzy perks of public office. Like people doing things for you! Granted, Paterson actually does need the help. The legally blind governor needs assistance in everything from climbing the stairs to reading his mail, especially since he never learned Braille.

The Times reports that Paterson's parents were "determined to shield him from any stigma." Therefore, Paterson learned to read with what little eyesight he had, and was put in regular classes. Paterson also says Braille has its limitations: “I don’t think things would have been easier for me if I had learned Braille because there’s a point that you get to in Braille where they can’t Braille everything for you. You can’t Braille the daily newspaper."

However, there is a lot help out there for the blind. There is software that will read emails aloud, and we're going to go ahead and assume his wife will be up to the task of helping him up the stairs. That's what you get married for, right? Because he certainly can't pay for help.