A judge has ruled that the State Senate must meet and have a joint session tomorrow morning, holding up the lawsuit brought on by Governor Paterson. Republicans are already saying they will appeal the decision, so don't hold your breath for things to get under way first thing tomorrow. NY1 also notes that while the ruling by State Supreme Court Justice Joseph Teresi mandates that all 62 senators get together, it "does not say that anything needs to be accomplished in the session."

Recently, Governor Paterson has been ramping up the rhetoric against the still-deadlock State Senate. Right now, the Republicans have 31 votes, as do the Democrats, leaving each side short one vote of a quorum and unable to pass any legislation, thanks to the coup from three freaking weeks ago—and there doesn't seem to be a power-sharing deal in the offing. This morning, Paterson warned the Senators that there's less than 48 hours to act on certain legislation before it expires on June 30—and the official NY Governor's website even has a countdown clock saying as much. Here's what Paterson says is at stake:

At midnight on June 30, a number of critical bills are set to expire if the Senate fails to act. Follow the links below to learn more about the most critical, non-controversial pending legislation requiring action.

Mayoral Control: Mayoral control of New York City public schools expires on June 30, 2009. If it expires, a new structure of the formerly disbanded community school districts would need to be recreated ...more >>

Power For Jobs: A consensus agreement was reached to extend the Power for Jobs and Energy Cost Savings Benefit programs in a Leaders Meeting on May 28. ...more >>

Local Revenue Legislation: Failure of the Senate to approve legislation passed by the Assembly could have a $1.9 billion budgetary impact on local governments across New York State ...more >>

Lower Manhattan Tax Exemption Extensions:This bill would extend the temporary tax exemption for certain business in Lower Manhattan and the World Trade Center area ...more >>

The Senate Democrats have decided to sidestep mayoral control, because it just wants to deal with "noncontroversial" legislation.

Yesterday, Paterson pleaded with Senate Democrats to come to a deal, but he later told reporters the situation was going nowhere. Which is why he wants the power to have State Troopers forcibly bring the Senators, who have been meeting in separate Democratic and Republican sessions that last a few minutes, to chambers to get work done. A judge will rule on that at 4 p.m.