2008_08_cuny.jpgAmong the many cuts making up Governor Paterson's latest request that $1 billion be cut from the state budget is one to cut $51 million from the City University of New York. That amounts to a 7% cut, which is in line with the cut the SUNY system is making. CUNY told the Daily News the cut is "very significant" and it's unclear whether tuition will be raised, but added "We have an obligation to work diligently to minimize the impact on the academic program." So far, per the Wonkster, Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos said, "It’s important that the Governor and Legislature not take any actions that would force local governments to raise their local taxes to make up for a shortfall from Albany," while Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver simply said the Assembly will "review" Paterson's wishes. Here's a breakdown of Paterson's proposals.