Michelle Paige Paterson, the former first lady of New York, is writing a memoir and it sounds like it could be a good 'un. The wife of Governor David Paterson—who helped kick off his curious term with his-and-her admissions of infidelities—tells Cindy Adams the book will cover it all from her first husband and divorce, to Paterson's sudden rise to power ("His first words were, 'I think I'll kill myself.' And I answered, 'Then who will be governor?'") to her return to private life.

"The experience was a shock. I wasn't prepared. I work in a health-related field," she says. "I was at my office like any other day when one morning David calls and says, 'Are you sitting down?' It was that famous Eliot Spitzer day. He said, 'There's been some sex scandal. There will be a conference in a couple of hours. And Spitzer will be out as governor . . . and I'll be the next governor.'"

The book, which doesn't have a publisher yet, should be ready by the fall. Currently Paterson is leaning towards calling it "Face Under Fire" but she says that others are pushing her to call it "The Governor's Wife"—a title that seems perfect for the inevitable Lifetime version (tagline: "The Other Michelle").

And in case that isn't enough Paterson news for you, don't forget: David Paterson is currently working on his memoirs as well.