From making a round of appearances at black churches to taking calls from listeners of KISS-FM, Governor Paterson is doing everything he can to reclaim the support of African-American voters that he appears to be losing. A poll last week saw Paterson's support among blacks drop below 50 percent, a "desperation line" pollsters say. The Times says that the low numbers in minority communities may stem from his controversial proposed health care cuts. But some African-Americans believe that the perception of the governor is being distorted by overwhelmingly negative press and poll numbers. The president of New York's branch of the NAACP told the Times, “I think the polls are not reflecting David’s standing in the community." But City Councilman Charles Barron thinks that the abandoning of Paterson is legitimate. He said, “There is some letdown from people who were so proud of his ascension. People have to realize that when we invest our aspirations in you, we expect more. We expect better.”