Yesterday, the State Legislature adjourned without making a deal to save the city's Off-Track Betting establishments. While the city is ready to close the branches and lay off workers, the Daily News reports, "The question now, as one lobbyist says, is whether the city's OTB is 'really dead, or Freddy Krueger dead.'" Well, Governor Paterson thinks it's really dead.

On John Gambling's radio show, Paterson, who had offered a plan to keep OTB alive, said, "We made our last best offer, which was an offer that did not involve taxpayer money,. I guess competitive interests or somebody didn't like the plan, so the Legislature went home and didn't pass it, so they are scheduled to expire on Sunday," adding that any solution could not include taxpayer money, "Everybody's solution to their problem in the recession is for taxpayers to bail them out. We used to have a choice; now we can't do it."