Recently Governor Paterson did an interview with Eccorazzi... in which he came out in support of a ban on horse-drawn carriages! He told the site: “These animals are kept in stables that are too small, often they’re cold, they work long hours and they don’t have time off. That might sound like we’re talking about human beings, but like you and me, animals need time to rest. These horses are abused and really shouldn’t be trotting around in congested areas.”

He continued on with this sad anecdote: "There was a horse about three months ago that got his foot caught on a parking meter and had to be destroyed — it’s awful. You know, it looks nice when you go to the park and see a horse drawn carriage, but unless there is someway to care for these horses properly, and it doesn’t appear that there is, I think we should ban it completely." Although, he does love that horse racing!

Though Paterson didn't discuss alternatives, the organization NYCLASS is one of many that propose taking horses off the streets and replacing them with vintage cars.