Governor Paterson is still irritated at the State Senate for holding special sessions for only a few minutes. Here's how the AP described the Senate's dealings: "In brief, separate, back-to-back sessions, Democrats and their Republican-led opponents complied again with Gov. David Paterson's order to convene. But they conducted no state business and only the Democrats decided to hold a moment of silence for Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett." Paterson said today, "This morning, the New York State Senate clocked in and clocked right back out. That’s not work. That’s dereliction of duty... We are no longer paying any member items to senators." Oh, snap—he's referring to the $85 million in pork barrel projects Senators get each year! While there have been some reports that Democrats and Republicans are near a deal, Paterson was skeptical, "They’re telling you they’re very close to an agreement. No. They’re very close to the weekend. If they’re close to an agreement, why couldn’t they go into the chamber today and start passing some of the legislation?"