The Daily News claims that Bill Clinton joined Barack Obama in a "presidential pile-on," joining the "push against Paterson," somehow suggesting that the embattled governor should just give in now. Clinton said on the Today Show that Paterson "is not in good shape right now."

We watched the interview itself (relevant material starting at 8:55), and have to say we don't see what the News is seeing. Clinton gave a sound diplomatic response to the problem, saying, "the election is next year, and he's not in good shape now, but I will say this about David Paterson: he is a good man. He has achieved a lot in his life. And the people who really know him tend to really like him. I think that he will do what is best for New York and I think we should trust him to do that. I trust him to do that. I think that if he thinks he's got a reasonable chance to win I think he'll probably run. If he thinks the chances are one in ten or worse I think he probably won't. But he'll decide and I think he'll make a good decision." For another good political response (they always mention how good a person he is, don't they? Even when the person makes lame claims against others) take a look at our interview of Howard Dean from earlier in the day.

Poll numbers were also released yesterday for Paterson, and they just keep getting worse: 29% approval rating (George Bush territory), with only 18% saying they would vote for him next year. Andrew Cuomo outpolls Paterson in primary polling 66%-20%. Congressman Gregory Meeks of Queens also spoke about his role as go-between in the controversy, saying "All I was doing was telling a friend what the issues are that are out there."

UPDATE: Paterson portrayed himself as a victim during a luncheon in Syracuse today, saying "I didn't sign up for this, I wanted to be lieutenant governor," hoping that "maybe the governor would appoint me to the senate." He also said that "people connected to" Cuomo were "certainly" involved in the leak of Obama's humiliating request.