Though he's facing scandal after scandal, Gov. Paterson says his plight is just the plight of every person in that office. He told the Wall Street Journal recently that he's merely a scapegoat for the state's problems, and that all the issues were really the Legislature's fault. Ok, valid point, but he takes the pity party a little too far. "Whether the governor is David Paterson or Rick Lazio or Andrew Cuomo or Superman, we don't have a structure that empowers a single leader to get his or her state out of a major conflict." Superman? C'mon, he would totally have paid for his own Yankees tickets.

Paterson insists that the perception that he is an ineffectual Governor was just perpetuated by an "organized smear campaign." "Mark my words, they are going to say it about the next governor. They're going to try make the next governor's personality, effectiveness or engagement—or where the next governor eats dinner—the issue." He also compared being the Governor to drowning in quicksand or running into a burning building without a fire hose. However, not everyone is buying it. Sen. Craig Johnson said Paterson's "credibility has been significantly diminished based on his own alleged actions." This isn't the first time Paterson has played the blame game. Previous offenders include Kirsten Gillibrand, the media, and those meddling kids.