Embattled by the state's economy and some of his (and his staff's) own missteps, Governor Paterson is considered an underdog to run for governor next year. But here he is, releasing television ads touting his case. The NY Times says of the pair of ads, "The two ads, each 30 seconds long, highlight his biography and address criticism Mr. Paterson has faced from labor unions and business interests over his proposed cuts to the state budget. Both directly confront what polls say is Mr. Paterson’s central political problem: widespread public skepticism that he has the ability to lead the state effectively."

One ad, "Some Say," features Paterson speaking about his rocky, unpopular tenure so far, "It might have been easier if all I thought about was running for governor. But I think it’s more important to do what’s right for the people of New York," while the other ad, "When," highlights Paterson's blindness, his education, and how he's learning from mistakes. (Video for both ads are below; you can read the scripts here.)

Politico's Ben Smith writes, "The campaign is a last-ditch effort to save his political skin, though it's unclear if he'll have the money behind it to make a real dent, which is how a political death spiral works," but then updates with this: "Paterson campaign manager Richie Fife doesn't like my characterization: 'It's not last ditch! it's launching the campaign,' he said... It is, he said, a 'substantial and extended buy.'"