Last week, Mayor Bloomberg blamed Albany and Governor Paterson for giving him no choice but to cut programs and thousands of workers from the city's budget. Now, Paterson is reportedly rolling up his sleeves, because he's tired of being kicked around. A "source close to the Paterson administration" tells the Post's Fred Dicker, "Mayor Bloomberg is not going to treat the governor poorly, with disrespect! We've got just as many muscles as the mayor and his people do—and if they want a street fight, then so be it."

Besides the budget slam, Paterson is allegedly pissed off about other apparent disses. Example one: Bloomberg's people allegedly didn't want Paterson to visit the Staten Island Ferry crash scene. The source claims, "They were saying, 'It's no big deal,' he shouldn't go because the mayor wasn't in New York City and they didn't want the governor to be there." (Bloomberg was probably in Bermuda; Paterson did ride the ferry.)

Example two: During the 2 a.m. press conference to discuss the attempted Times Square car bomb, the sources says, "When the governor was with the mayor during the car-bomb press conference, the mayor didn't even have the class to ask the governor if he wanted to say anything—and he was there at 2:30 or 3 in the morning. You have the governor of the state of New York at the podium with the mayor, and the mayor doesn't ask him if he'd like to say a few words? The chutzpah of the mayor and his people."

The source says things don't have to be so bad, "We'd prefer to have a cordial working relationship with the mayor. But if you're going to act out or act up, then the governor is going to respond in kind. We're not going to be viewed as pushovers by anybody."