With the legal battle over the constitutionality of Richard Ravitch's appointment as lieutenant governor heading back into a Brookly court tomorrow, Governor Paterson has filed papers stating just how essential it is to have Ravitch around as all of this is being decided. Paterson says that Ravitch is "needed as a 'credible bridge' to business and labor." He also filed an affidavit from former governor Hugh Carey, who supported the choice of Ravitch as "a stellar and dedicated public servant." PolitickerNY sums up Paterson's position: "The crux of it is: You should uphold Richard Ravitch's appointment because Richard Ravitch is great." Senate Republicans have said that nothing Paterson has put forth addresses his constitutionality in making the appointment, something that has been criticized by everyone from Andrew Cuomo to Donald Trump. After getting secretly sworn in at Peter Luger's, state courts have gone back and forth as to whether Ravitch can stick around.