In a tactful move yesterday, Governor David Paterson cut the ribbon on a new section of the Hudson River Park in Chelsea, just as the state was forced to shutter 41 parks and 14 historical sites. Paterson did show remorse for the cost-cutting measure at the opening, telling reporters, "This kills me!... It's just that that's how dire our financial situation is," but other state pols weren't buying it. Assemblyman Herman Farrell, whose constituents are angry over cuts to the Riverbank State Park, said, "It's not smart politics, and it's not good politics either. The governor should know this community is constantly concerned that they're not getting their fair share."

Many New Yorkers are upset over yesterday's closings, which will save the state $6.3 million on their $9 billion in debt. Visitors to the Bayswater Point State Park and the Nissequogue River State Park were devastated to find them closed, with one local saying, "This is such an important property, it's not fair to take it away from us." The state also cut hours and facilities from 23 other parks across the state.

However, the new section of the Hudson River Park looks pretty cool! Piers 62 and 63 were opened yesterday, boasting trees, gardens, a carousel and a 15,000 sq. ft "California-style" skate park, sculpted out of structural foam instead of earth. One Chelsea resident told the Post, "We're so far from Central Park, it's great to have something here. It'll enhance the neighborhood and bring people down here." Because the neighborhood was so undesirable before.