Paterson: Only the Voters or Death Can Get Me Out of Office

Governor Paterson held a press conference today to talk about impending snow (the natural kind). But naturally talk veered to the rumors surrounding a yet-unpublished NY Times "bombshell" that some have speculated would force Paterson to step down. The Governor said he sat down for an interview with Times reporters today, and the questioning did not have to do with the salacious gossip that's been swirling for the past week. "I was interviewed for that piece," Paterson told reporters. "No such questions related to any of that information was asked of me at any interview. [The reporter] said he would leave all that speculation for other news sources." And then Paterson defiantly unloaded on the Times for not clearing the air.

"They don't seem to be interested in addressing it or doing anything about it—I think it's appalling," Paterson said. According to Politico, he added that he'd written the paper's public editor to complain "and to ask how they would expect him to act if a government agency 'took some kind of action that slandered a citizen.'"

Paterson also reiterated that there's no way a State Trooper could have found him embracing a woman in a utility closet because "we don't have a utility room at the Mansion. [Times reporter] Danny Hakim was there today. He couldn't find it." BOOM. And you know what else? "The only way I'm not going to be governor next year is at the ballot box and the only way I'm leaving before that is in a box," Paterson added, shooting lasers out of his eyes that immediately incinerated the press pool.

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