What's this? Governor Paterson, who has repeatedly said he will run for governor next year, is reportedly going to "reassess" his chances of winning the race, if his approval ratings continue to suck. A Democratic source told the Daily News, "He's in it, he's planning to put the team together, but he's said if his numbers don't improve by the beginning of the year, he would have to reassess his campaign."

The News points out that early next year is when Paterson's campaign financial filings are due, and a Paterson finance committee said, "I think they're really, really worried about their January filing, that [state Attorney General Andrew] Cuomo is just going to blow them out of the water... [Paterson's] just not an easy guy to raise money for right now."

On Monday's Hardball, Chris Matthews discussed the gubernatorial race and said of Obama's apparent meddling (which seemed to Matthews) like something Cuomo's team leaked) to keep Paterson out of the race, "Well, the next step is to give the governor a nice ambassadorship, isn't it? Something really nice? Let's be honest, if the game is to avoid a fight, give him something sweet."