2008_05_paterson10.jpgGovernor David Paterson is resting after undergoing a second eye surgery (earlier this week, doctors found he had acute glaucoma in his left eye that left him with migraine-like symptoms, which Paterson said was more like eye-strain), but he's probably feeling a little heat over his remarks to WAMC-FM about Hillary Clinton and her campaign.

He said of New York's junior senator, "I would say at this point we're starting to see a little desperation on the part of a woman I still support and will support until she makes a different determination. Candidates have to be cautious in their zeal to win that they don't trample on the process."

He also added, "I thought she was the best candidate. And I also thought she had the best chance of winning,” and said Florida's and Michigan's votes and delegates should not be counted, per the decision made by the Democratic National Committee.

Newsday reports that Clinton's campaign declined to comment. Paterson has helped with Clinton's Senate campaign in the past. He is also a superdelegate.