Governor Paterson discussed the Park 51 mosque and community center project on the radio today. Paterson, who was has previously offered to find a location other than 45-47 Park Place (two blocks from Ground Zero), told John Gambling on WOR that a solution that "would rid ourselves of Islamophobia" was essential: "There are some bigots and some racists who are alive in this discussion, however when nearly 70% of the population oppose it, you’ve got a lot of people of good will and all ethnicities you’re going to have to persuade."

According to the Daily Politics, he drew parallels between the mosque furor over the civil rights movement's bus boycotts: "They chose someone simply because it would fit the pure argument that any American has a right to sit where they want on a bus. And all I’m saying, with an a little bit of an obstacle at Ground Zero, it’s kind of the same thing. “

Speaking of Islamophobia, Archbishop Timothy Dolan wants to foster a dialogue with Muslims, telling the WAll Street Journal, "I'm afraid we have maybe not been as energetic with fostering relations with our Islamic brothers and sisters.... Our coming together is not to say we can settle the mosque site issue, [but] the wider issue of Church, Jewish, Islamic tensions." He also said of the controversy, "We can't let fanatics on either side take over" the debate.