After two full weeks of the coup turned stalemate, now various outlets report that Governor David Paterson may step in. According to the Daily News, "Unless a deal is reached between the Democrats and Republicans to get back to work, Paterson will call a special Senate session for Wednesday... Aides said the governor has a list of 42 bills - including one to extend the mayor's control over the city schools - that need action by month's end." The Senate GOP claims they don't need a special session "because most of those bills the governor speaks of are already on active lists that we've attempted to take up all week," while the Democrats offered a power-sharing agreement, "Our proposal for an equitable operating agreement will allow us to get essential work done and pass legislation that local communities need to survive." Also in Senate Democrat news: An emergency summit is planned for tomorrow—at the Reverend Al Sharpton's Harlem offices. Paterson is expected to attend.