Yesterday, Governor Paterson told reporters, "I haven't announced the person that I think should be mayor," raising some eyebrows. Last month, he told the Daily News editorial board that regarding "Thompson-Bloomberg, I'll probably make some kind of announcement later on. I won't, you know, say anything about that now" (though in March he said, "I am the leader of the Democratic Party in New York State. I would expect that I'll support the winner of [the] Democratic primary"). But at Rep. Charles Rangel's birthday party last night, City Hall News reports that Paterson introduced Thompson, "It says on my program that the first person that we want to introduce is the mayor. Apparently, a psychic must have written tonight’s program, because the first person I’m going to introduce is currently the comptroller of the City of New York, Bill Thompson!...Please greet the mayor, Bill Thompson." Thompson said, "I guess we’re taking that as an endorsement guys." Then again, yesterday, the NY Times had maybe the 10,000th article on how Paterson might be a liability.