A new report released today about whether Governor Paterson perjured himself over free Yankees tickets concluded the matter "warrants consideration of possible criminal charges." Sigh, Albany.

Judith Kaye, the former top NY Judge appointed as the independent counsel to investigate the case by Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, decided that Paterson's testimony was "inaccurate and misleading" and called on the Albany County DA David Soares to decide whether or not to prosecute the Governor. You may recall that Kaye also gave Paterson his oath of office back in 2008.

Last fall, Paterson and his aides allegedly solicited five free tickets to the Yankees World Series games. The tickets had a face value of $425 each, but last week the state's Commission on Public Integrity suggested that the outgoing governor pay a $93,000 fine. The Paterson-World Series tickets saga has involved apparently forged backdated checks (by aide David Johnson, who is facing his own legal problems) and suggestions that the Yankees only offered the governor tickets to the playoffs.