2008_10_pater31.jpgThe Daily News draws attention to Governor David Paterson's trip to the Caribbean next week. The agenda: On 11/5, he flies to St. Maarten for the Caribbean Multi-National Business Conference, where he is delivering the keynote on on 11/7; on 11/8, it's Puerto Rico for conference sponsored by PR's Puerto Rican/Hispanic Task force before coming back on 11/10. While Paterson's aides say he will talk with "Caribbean leaders about ways to improve trade," Assembly minority leader James Tedisco clucked, "I think the economic well-being of New York State might be more important." At any rate, Paterson is feeling proud of himself for warning abut the economy since the spring. He said, "When I asked the Legislature to come back and give me more money to try to tide us over to the next fiscal year, I was referred to in print as 'Chicken Little,' 'someone who says the sky is falling,' 'misestimating the revenues,' 'an alarmist.'"