As recently as this week, Mayor Bloomberg has repeatedly denied that he has any interest in running for President in 2012. Considering that most people don't really want him to run, maybe he's got the right idea. And yet...things keep making us question his true intentions. And that thing today is Gov. Paterson, who discussed Bloomberg's presidential ambitions on the radio: "He is watching and positioning just in case, so he would have that option...If the situation presented itself, he's been a risk-taker and a very successful entrepreneur and an elected official - I think he would take the shot."

Paterson was filling in as host for the morning show on WOR yesterday. He doesn't buy Bloomberg's "who, me?" attitude, and thinks that if the opportunity arises, if the Republican party nominates a Christian conservative like Sarah Palin or Mike Huckabee, Bloomberg may run as a moderate independent. As for his own post-gubernatorial career, Paterson shot down any notion that he may try to fill in Charles Rangel's congressional blue suede shoes: "I don't want to be a political retread...I'm happy to step aside and let some other people run the state and that district where Congressman Rangel represents right now."

So what might Paterson do next? Considering he already spent half his week on the radio talking about how much it sucked being Governor, maybe he can be the host of his own wireless telegraph show! "I was educated listening to the radio as a person who couldn't read the newspaper when I was wouldn't bother me in the least bit [to work in radio]," he said. And Rep. Peter King, who was interviewed by him yesterday, agreed wholeheartedly: "I would say the governor is maybe another Rush Limbaugh - how's that?" King said.