Governor Paterson called for another special State Senate session today, because the Democrats and Republicans have been stalemated with a 31 votes each, which is one short of a quorum to get work done. But if today's session is anything like yesterday, PolitickerNY explains what we can expect: "Most of the 62 state senators fighting over their chamber's leadership showed up for an extraordinary session this [Saturday] afternoon—as did the nine people whose nominations were the ostensible purpose of the session—but once again, a bi-partisan gaveling in and out lasted just over five minutes." In the meantime, Democrats and Republicans are meeting behind the scenes, ostensibly to work out some sort of a deal to get work done (they haven't done anything except bicker for the past three weeks!); Sen. Jeff Klein (D-Bronx/Westchester) told PolitickerNY, "The positive things, I think is that both sides are meeting. Talking is always good, but so far there hasn't been anything that has been agreed upon."