While on Don Imus' radio program this morning, Gov. Paterson took time out of his charm offensive to comment on Sen. Gillibrand, his hand-picked Senate appointee who called for his resignation earlier this month. "That's about whenever you get in a jam, there are people who will throw you under the bus...Whenever you watch a movie or whenever you read a book about someone that's in terrible...in a difficult situation, there are always those who do that...They just don't expect you to get out from under the bus. And when you do, they should be forewarned."

Paterson talked vaguely about the numerous scandals that have been plaguing him for the past couple weeks, though he did confirm that he doesn't go to baseball games for the view: "Even with binoculars at a baseball game, its really very hard to watch. So the only reason that I ever really go is for the issues around it." Asked whether he's talked to Gillibrand recently, he added, "It's hard to talk to anyone when you are under the bus."