At the Empire State Pride Agenda's fall dinner last night, Governor Paterson said that he thinks the gay marriage bill will pass, proclaiming that "as a result of a law we will pass in the New York Senate, already passed in the Assembly, and [gay marriage] will be signed by the governor, just in the next few weeks."

Earlier this week, Paterson announced he would put the bill in front of the Senate during next week's special session. He had proposed the bill back in April, and the Assembly passed it in in May, but the bill was placed on the back burner after the Senate coup. However, the Senate is notoriously split on the issue and Paterson doesn't have much juice to twist Senators' arms.

Alan Van Capelle, executive director of the Empire State Pride Agenda, implored the Senate to actually vote on the bill, "Senator John Sampson, you are the leader of the State Senate. Senator Tom Duane, you have told us on multiple occasions you have the votes to pass this bill. Give us the dignity, the rights and respect we deserve. Bring this bill to the floor for a debate and a vote."