More details have been released about the domestic violence case that prompted Governor Paterson to suspend his aide (the alleged attacker) and announce he wouldn't seek another term as governor on Friday. The Post has published dialgoue from three 911 calls made by the ex-girlfriend of David Johnson, a close aide to the governor. "I am the victim of domestic violence," Sherr-Una Booker told the operator.

It was Halloween and David Johnson, she reported, had tried to rip off her sexy costume and then pushed her into a mirror after she refused to change. When she called the emergency line, he tried to stop her by pulling the cord from the wall. "And he choked me!" said Booker.

With the operator still on the phone, Johnson said, "No, I didn't... I did not choke you!" while Booker shouted, "Yes, you did! You choked me!" Cops were sent to her Bronx apartment, but before they arrived, she called 911 again saying that Johnson had left, but she was afraid he "may come back," adding that, "He's big ... He's 6-feet-7." Earlier she had told the operator that he "works for the governor," which she reportedly didn't tell the police. If she had, they would have been required to call for a supervisor.

Booker claims State Troopers repeatedly contacted and harassed her around the time she filed an order of protection against Johnson. She also spoke with the governor the day before she failed to show up to a hearing, prompting the judge to dismiss her case. The attorney general is currently investigating how she bought a $40,000 Lexus that, considering her salary as an assistant director at Lincoln Hospital, seemed beyond her means.