Charges have finally been brought against David Johnson, the longtime aide to Governor Paterson who was at the center of an alleged cover-up scandal that ended his boss's election campaign. Last month a judge concluded that Paterson did not break any laws when he repeatedly contacted Johnson's ex-girlfriend, Sherr-una Booker, after Johnson allegedly choked her, tore off her Halloween costume, and threw her against a mirrored dresser last October. But the judge did recommend that the Bronx D.A. consider bringing charges against Johnson, and today the D.A. brought it.

Johnson, AKA "DJ," turned himself over to the Bronx district attorney shortly before 9:30 a.m. today and was being fingerprinted and photographed. "He’s ready to face the charges but he’s disappointed this petition was made," Johnson's lawyer tells the Times. Booker had dropped her legal action against Johnson one day after speaking with Paterson on the phone, and had previously told a Family Court judge that New York state troopers had been "harassing me to drop the charges and I wouldn't." Last month she decided to pursue charges against Johnson after a domestic violence victim sought her out at the Harlem hospital where she works.

The AP reminds us that Paterson is still being investigated for ethics laws violations; it is alleged that Johnson forged Paterson's signature on a back-dated check to pay for Yankees World Series tickets, after a Post reporter started asking questions about whether the tickets were comped.