In the twilight of his governorship, Governor Paterson is feeling pretty honest. He said during a radio interview that Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, the Democratic nominee for Governor and front-runner, would have bested him if they met in a September match-up, "His record has been so stellar in the last four years that it would have been very difficult for me to beat him in a primary. He's right there on the major issues that we need to be talking about."

Even though many were unhappy with his leadership, last year Paterson rolled out 2010 campaign ads and said he was in the hunt for another term (his first elected term)—even though Cuomo had five times the campaign money—until this past February. And then he had to tamp down calls to resign as two investigations into his administration became publicized.

Now Paterson says, "I'm very happy that we have a man like Attorney General Andrew Cuomo." Well, at least we can wait for the rancor during the Republican gubernatorial primary.