2007_04_greatpumpkin.gifWe guess it's never too early for financial malfeasance to occur, which means you should expect investigations into student council spending across the country! NYU's College of Arts and Science Student Council is embroiled in a scandal: The Sun explains that student council president Meredith Dolgin may have "improperly disbanded an election committee and appointed two friends just as the elections were about to begin."

And not only that, the Washington Square News found out that Dolgin paid her grandmother $2,200 in speaking and travel fees, and used other student council money for a trip to a pumpkin patch! (Not to mention submitting receipts for groceries, which seems suspicious, for reimbursement.) The WSN has good background on Dolgin's grandmother and the other curious expenses as well as why the pumpkin-patch trip is questionable. Hmm, if student council funds could be used to give money to grandparents, we bet more people would run.

This has prompted an editorial from the WSN with suggestions for other uses of NYU finances, given the lack of oversight over student council funds; here are two:

1. Seeing as Meredith Dolgin, Dustin Robinson and Zoe Laird had such a blast at the pumpkin patch, NYU should provide universal access to a pumpkin patch, allowing all students to frolic about orange vegetation. Building one in Washington Square would quickly accomplish this goal...

4. Why exactly are NYU students who are not enrolled in summer courses charged $40 to access the sports facilities over those summer months? It must be that the $40,000 per student per year doesn't cover costs. Honestly, NYU, you're gonna have to work that one out because we'd kind of like to, um, work out...

Dolgin, who is under investigation by the university, did not show up for an emergency student council meeting last night.

Do you have memories of strange goings-on at your student council? We only remember when the entire budget for a dorm was spent on portable lighting fixtures and extension cords.