For some reason, it really does seem like former New York governor George Pataki is serious about running for president. After sources told media outlets he's ready to jump into the shark tank a few days, now it turns out Pataki is going to be at a Republican picnic in Iowa this weekend and there's some sort of George Pataki 2012 prototype website.

This was most clearly explained down by BKPolitics, who Tweeted, "1) Build website. 2) ???? 3) Voters vote for Pataki in New Hampshire 4) ???? 5) Presidency" because it's unclear how Pataki's liberal and Tea Party-repelling moves will appeal to voters. (New York Republican Assemblyman Thomas Kirwan told the Daily News, "Pataki the first two years was great, then we went on a spending binge. The federal debt runup was rivaled only by what we did in New York under George Pataki.") So obviously Pataki's advisers are familiar with the classic South Park episode, Gnomes, where Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny find out that gnomes have been stealing underpants to make money, because that is the most plausible reason for a Pataki 2012 run.

Pataki's spokesman told the NY Times, “President Obama’s wrong decisions on the economy and his failed leadership on debt, coupled with a lack of real solutions being offered by the current Republican field of candidates, has Governor Pataki seriously considering getting in the race." Or maybe he's seriously considering being a VP or cabinet member for a Republican President?