If there's one thing Gothamist has realized in the past 10-11 years, it's that Governor Pataki kind of gets worse and worse. As the NY Times' news analysis of the governor's State of the (NY) State address put it well, noting that Pataki has a "propensity to stay on message, and glance over bad news," as he ignores issues like "big deficits, enormous bills coming due for education, transportation and health care, and a national reputation for government gridlock." Gothamist credits Governor Pataki for being a smooth and able politician, but in terms of getting anything done, fie on him 'cause we're getting sick of this poo. This is why Attorney General Eliot Spitzer (seen the right background of this AP Photo) is an attractive opponent in the 2006 gubernatorial race. But let's not forget the NY State Assembly, which sucks and has the worst record for passing legislation in the country. [Related: The NY Times on the most powerful men in Albany - Pataki, Sheldon Silver (Assembly Leader), and Joseph Bruno (NY Senate majority leader): "some of the biggest changes Mr. Pataki successfully ushered into law in 1995 after [former Governor Mario] Cuomo's 12-year rule are coming undone, victims of legislative gridlock and the competing political realities of running the state."] What is wrong with our state?

Here's the text of Pataki's State of the State. Mayor Bloomberg attended the State of the State; he was there with a "laundry list" of NYC's budgetary needs; these needs figure in the billions, what with education and MTA budgets at stake.