2006_03_patakiappearance.jpgEager to show New York - and the nation - that he can still get up around, Governor Pataki "crashed" a press conference that his doctors held today at New York Presbyterian Hospital uptown. The 2008 presidential hopeful said, "Rumors of my demise are greatly exaggerated." Oh, darn... wait, did we say that aloud? A big reason why Pataki appeared on TV was to allay his mother's fears who has probably been reading between the lines of recent articles that essentially said Pataki might be dying, he might have cancer, blah blah. Anyway, Pataki also said, "I've seen the press reports and heard the concerns of New Yorkers. Everyday I'm feeling a little bit better." Uh oh - the Gothamist conspiracy think tank wonders if the governor deliberately tried to get life-threatening infections post-surgery in order to gain our sympathies... well, just because Gothamist is fascinated with GI mishaps, we're not budging from hating your unhelpful ways, Geroge. Pataki says he's eager to have a beer and some pizza. Hmm, do we smell a press op at Lombardi's? Or should we call some pizza orders to the hospital?

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