For some reason, Governor Pataki is opening up an office in Iowa. Apparently he believes he's got a good shot at the Republican Presidential nomination, since voters in Iowa are not residents of New York. While Pataki's spokeswoman says it's really an office to help keep Republicans in power for 2006, let's face it, the man is looking for something to do after leaving office. The NY Sun spoke to Edward Failor Jr., "an antitax activist" in Iowa, who says Pataki will be opening the office for his 21st Century Freedom Political Action Committee:

"Governor Pataki has proven himself a leader," the Iowa activist said. "He has cut taxes and he went to a more liberal state and took it in the direction of conservatism."

Mr. Pataki could be a hard sell to small-government conservatives, given that state spending in New York has grown to a projected $75 billion in the coming fiscal year from $43 billion in 1995. Mr. Failor said the increases were the necessary result of growth brought on by aggressive tax cuts. "Let that be a model for those who don't believe in trickle down economics," he said.

Mr. Failor also said Mr. Pataki's response to the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, gave him experience that would be useful for a president. "Sure, we all experienced it as Americans, but he actually had to lead after that direct hit," Mr. Failor said.

We're not sure of what Pataki's post-September 11 response was - creating more and more bureaucracy? Also, what about the the billions NY State owes NYC over education? He's probably more attractive to Republicans than John McCain (too liberal) or Rudy Giuliani (too ethnic and liberal), but he's got such a terrible record, he won't be able to advance that far. The Sun article also notes that Pataki is trailing in his fundraising. Let's hope it stays that way.