2006_03_29_pastor-tower.jpg Yesterday we wondered who would want to stab a pastor, and today we found out the answer. Even as the Reverend Phillip Mann's parishioners were beginning to mourn their lost leader NYPD officers were arresting "44-year-old career criminal" David Jordon for the murder.

Jordon, who has been charged with second-degree murder, was the last person seen with Mann, and is seen leaving Mann's apartment alone in security tapes. Currently under probation, Jordon was working as a handyman at the Blessed Trinity Baptist Church that the Reverand started.

During his perp walk outside of the 23rd Precinct Jordon stopped to try to explain himself to reporters. Basically using the gay panic defense Jordon claims he stabbed Mann because he tried to sleep with him. "I'm not a homosexual," he claimed. Continuing, Jordon claimed that when he rebuffed him the pastor took out a knife and Jordon's only option was to take it and stab Mann. But considering that Mann's body "had been stabbed at least eight times" we have trouble believing much of that story.

What's really crushing about this story though are the number of heartfelt anecdotes that everyone seems to have about the Pastor. Even his estranged wife had sweet things to say about him: "He always found the good in everyone. When you're dealing with someone who is so willing to help you, why would you have to hurt that person?"

Reverend Mann lived on the eighth floor of the Arthur Shomberg Towers, right.