Pastor Ted Chase of Flushing's George's Episcopal Church is claiming divine intervention during Thursday's tornado in Queens. The twister ripped the steeple of the church from the bell tower and sent it flying across the street. Luckily, nobody was harmed. He told the Daily News, "We believe it was a miracle."

Chase was in the bell tower trying to shutter the windows when he felt the tornado coming, but only had enough time to crouch down. He said, "The tower didn't just topple. The steeple was picked up and thrown across the street. I've never seen anything like it." But Chase wouldn't let a little tornado keep his congregants from God, and held Mass as scheduled just an hour after the storm.

Congregants believe two miracles were granted to the church that day, as a donation box that was thought to have been stolen resurfaced beneath the tower damage. One churchgoer said, "I can't explain that one, but it's another thing to be thankful for."