Airplane manufacturer Bombardier of Montreal are feeling the heat right now since Saturday's Delta Flight 4951 emergency landing at JFK became the fifth time in two years that one of their planes was forced to land due to faulty landing gear. After the crew realized the plane's right wheel was jammed in the up position, the Atlanta to White Plains flight touched down at JFK with just two of the wheels working.

The CRJ-900 was operating as a connector flight, and it seems Bombardier of Montreal didn't build the machines to withstand taking off and touching down multiple times a day. In Saturday's emergency landing, pilot Jack Conroyd said the handbook's emergency procedures failed, and the Federal Aviation Administration said it's possibly due to flexing landing gear in newer models that can interfere with the backup landing systems. Sounds safe!

The pilot says he knew there was something with the landing when a warning light flashed on; "Something in the way the plane was handling, a slight vibration, told him that it was not a faulty engine light," said one police officer. Luckily, as he made the landing, none of the 64 passengers were hurt. By the way, Bombardier of Montreal just won a contract to design, supply and install a Monorail 300 system in São Paulo. Maybe we'll be taking a taxi the next time we're down there.