2008_04_passover.jpgPassover, which begins tomorrow night, never passes by without a surge in emergency room traffic, according to one area physician. Dr. Tucker Woods, chairman at Long Island College Hospital’s emergency department, tells the Post he sees “an uptick in total patient volume during Passover.”

It seems the heavy cleaning leading up to Passover – intended to rid the home of chametz – is taking its toll: “We see a little bit of everything. Dizziness from fumes, slips from highly buffed floors or wet bathroom tiles.

Then there are the cooking injuries. Plastic surgeon Gary Kimmel says he’s come to expect Passover injuries like “knife wounds from cutting food, burns from stovetops, and even fingers chopped up in blenders.” Dr. Woods also sees an influx in food-allergy cases reported on the night of the Seder. And with the sudden scarcity of Tam Tams, those beloved bite-sized Matzo crackers, who knows what new food combinations will add to this year's E.R. exodus. Be careful, chosen people!