Have an issue with the way somebody is biking or driving? Artists have solutions! Considering all the drama between bikers and motorists of late (and not just in New York), it's not surprising that the internet picked up on Peter Miller's "Yellow Card," even though he made it back in 2004. The card, meant to be turned into a magnet and placed on a car, is to be used by bikers who feel the driver was "driving in a way that could have endangered their life." But there are two sides to every bike lane battle.

Speak Well, Speak Often retorted with their own version of the card, aimed at bikers who weave in and out of traffic with little regard for motorists or pedestrians. And while the violent and sarcastic tone of Speak Well's card surely isn't helping biker-motorist détente, it's good to remember that bikers aren't innocent. Just don't start throwing rocks at anyone. [Via Boing Boing]

[UPDATE] There's one for pedestrians now.